Upcoming Events

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Just A Party - The Underground

November 9, 2019

Our last two parties were on a roof. That is a fact. No debating that. However, it is with great pleasure to announce our next event - which will be several feet closer to hell. Welcome to The Underground, where all of us house heathens can dance under one roof. Bring your diapers, because you won’t wanna leave the dance floor to empty those White Claw filled bladders. Disclaimer: There will be private bathrooms, and a private bar. Tickets are limited and starting at $5, so put your Juul down and cop them while they’re hot.


Past Events

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Just A Party - The Harvest

September 13, 2019

It’s harvest season. The weather’s cooling down, but the beats are heating up. And no, we aren’t talking Dwight Shrute beets. We’re talking saucy Serotonin-inducing house music beats. On a rooftop. With your friends. With other people’s friends. Potentially with other people’s aunts and uncles. But NO DOGS! Dogs are not allowed on the roof for this party. Okay, enough about the dogs. Come join us at Big Bar on Friday, September 13th from 7p-2:30a for a dog-less rooftop house music party. Crap, I mentioned the dogs again. Well, since I have your attention about dogs; did you know the fastest dog breed is the Greyhound? Pretty cool, huh? Anyways, see ya at Big Bar on the 13th. Remember - no dogs.


Just A Party - Recess

July 13, 2019

We are excited to announce our first event of the summer in partnership with Big Bar. Schedule your Brazilian wax appointment, shine your dancing shoes, and prepare to get sweaty. We’re bringing the best local talent in house music, the best sound, and the best party. Saturday, July 13th - see you there.


Just A Party - House Music Saturdays 12

March 30, 2019

This Saturday we have the return of @musicbyverbatim 8PM to 2AM at Park Street Cantina in the Tequila Room. Drink deals; Five shots of Josè Silver Tequila or Bushmills Whiskey for $10, 12oz Margaritas for $5. Verbatim played an incredible set last time and we can’t wait to hear what’s in store this week! See you there.


Just A Party - Just A St. Patrick’s Day

March 16, 2019

384 years ago: Saint Patrick O’Connor Jr. sailed the open waters of the Mediterranean Sea, evading dragons and horseshoe crabs, to settle a small island we now know as “Ireland” - the 2nd largest continent on Earth (and #1 manufacturer of collectible miniature horse figurines). Let’s celebrate his great achievement with house music and a lot of drinking. We’re partying at Park Street Cantina this Saturday from 2PM to 2AM in the Tequila Room. Drink deals: Five shots of José Silver Tequila or Bushmills Irish Whiskey for $10; 12oz Margaritas for $5.


Just A Party - Just A Block Party

March 2, 2019

This Saturday in the Tequila Room at Park Street Cantina. Come drink and groove to some house music with us. We’ve got a twelve-DJ lineup and we’re startin’ early - 2PM. Drink deals all day: Five shots (José Cuervo Silver tequila, and/or Jägermeister) for $10, 12oz Margaritas for $5.

Just A Party - Bring Your Grandma

December 29, 2018

Come get alcohol poisoning with us on Saturday.